New update 25/05/20

[AÑADIDO]The ImaClients functionality has been added, which allows you to view and keep track of sales and other ImaCash functionalities, from the cloud clients.imaginaits.com platform (THIS FUNCTIONALITY IS STILL IN BETA)
[AÑADIDO]ImaCash is now compatible with the decimal systems of (.) and (,)
[AÑADIDO]Added functionality to update ImaCash in the background.
[AÑADIDO]Kisan’s machine has been added
[AÑADIDO]CPI uApi machine has been added
[AÑADIDO]Sage 200
[CORREGIDO]A visual error has been corrected in the secondary payment window, which in the header of the sale the data did not come out correctly.
[CORREGIDO]Fixed an error in the changes which returned more money than the value of the change.
[CORREGIDO]Fixed a performance issue which used up a lot of computer resources when paying for a sale.
[CORREGIDO]Fixed a problem which did not save filters correctly in languages other than Spanish.
[CORREGIDO]A problem has been corrected which in some machines using the personalized change returned more money.
[CORREGIDO]Fixed an issue where integrations that will use Windows Authentication would not save properly in settings.
[CORREGIDO]Fixed a problem which prevented opening the cassettes. CASHPHENIX
[CORREGIDO]Fixed an issue where single shelling would not work correctly.
[CORREGIDO]Fixed an issue where shells were not being saved correctly to the database, which caused the correct values to not be displayed in reports.
[MEJORADO]English translations have been improved.
[MEJORADO]Ticket printing has been improved.
[MEJORADO]Now manual sales will be paid automatically once the sale amount is reached.
[MEJORADO]The core has been improved and problems have been fixed.

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