Main screen

When starting RCScash, the first thing we see is the main page.

On the main screen we can see different options and information regarding the things that ImaCash offers us .

In the first place, we will find the Main Menu , which contains different options that we or the technicians can configure, according to our needs.

☑Above to the right we can find different buttons that will allow us to carry out the following actions.


It allows us to access the connection menu, where it will be configured: the RCScash database, the integration and the cash control machine. This button will only be visible during the first 10 days from the activation of the license.


Access the contracting of modules with tools unrelated to RCScash for their interconnection.


Shows a virtual keyboard to interact with RCScash.


Shows RCScash information.


Minimize RCScash when clicked.


Maximize RCScash when clicked.


Restore RCScash when clicked.


Close the application.

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