From here the installation of the RCScash databases will be carried out, with which software we will work and its cash control machine. This button will only be visible during the first 10 days from the activation of the license.


RCScash: Allows the installation/uninstallation of the RCScash databases .


INTEGRATION: Allows the configuration of all those functional software integrations with RCScash and the forms to fill out for its correct operation.


MACHINE: Allows the configuration of all those cash control machines with which RCScash is functional .


SAVE: Saves all the changes made in the “Settings” menu .

Buttons and Columns

Below the menu we can find several text fields that provide us with information about the transactions that are being carried out:

  • Seller: Which user made the sale.
  • Counter: From where the sale was made.
  • Amount: Amount to pay for the sale.
  • Date and Time: Indication of when the sale was made.
  • Type: What type of transaction was it, cash, card or mixed.
  • Pay: To carry out the payment of the sale.

In the window below, we will find all the information. We will be able to see all those transactions that are being carried out at the moment to know which ones are pending payment.

Additionally, we can see 4 small buttons in the upper left part, which allows you to perform different actions:

Group All

Select all transactions in progress.


Delete the selected sales.


Allows split payments


Allows multiple deferrals.

At the bottom of the window we will find the following «checkbox» that everything is working correctly:

  • RCScash: The databases are connected with RCScash.
  • Integration Name: Server databases are connected with RCScash.
  • Machine Name: The cash control machine is connected to RCScash.
  • Transactions: It will determine how many transactions are in progress and if there are any pending to be carried out. RCScash will only display 25 transactions on the screen.
  • Maintenance : Indicates if support and automatic updates are current.
  • Updated : Indicates if the latest version of RCScash is installed.

In the upper right part we can find a button with the icon of an «EYE» , when pressed, a menu will be displayed that will indicate the cash stock of the machine. ⬇⬇⬇

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